Kilkenny Integration Strategy 2013-2017

Kilkenny Integration Forum was formed in 2010 in recognition of the rapid demographic changes that have occurred across Ireland since the late 1990s. Kilkenny like most counties in Ireland has seen a significant increase in the diversity of its population over the past 15 years. According to Census 2011, 9.4% of those living in Kilkenny identify with ethnic groups whose roots are in other countries.

The Kilkenny Integration Strategy -Uniting the Diverse is a local integration strategy developed in partnership with local communities from all backgrounds as well as agencies and groups who are concerned with the integration matters within our county. This strategy has been endorsed by both the Kilkenny Social Inclusion Measures Group and the Kilkenny County Development Board - both of whom have harnessed the energy and capacity of local people to make positive and lasting changes in our communities.

For further information in relation to the strategy you can contact

Kilkenny Integration Forum :

Mobile: 087 2931153


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