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MyXY Planning GIS

Kilkenny County Council Planning GIS System - MyXY

Kilkenny Local Authorities' MyXY GIS is a very detailed digital mapping application that allows members of the public to search the county on the basis of major geographic topics. These topics include:

1. Planning - Planning Applications, Zonings
2. Environment - Groundwater, Geology, Soils, Groundwater Responses
3. Administrative Boundaries - Townland, Electoral Division, Voting District

The idea is concise. People can locate their home on the map, click on the map, and gather the information on the above topics about their home. It is possible to use the application to search for planning applicant names and planning application numbers and locate the planning sites that interest you on the map. There are many customers that will avail of the application. It can be used as an education tool for students to learn about their area. People who are intending to submit a planning application can use the various data to assist with their application. This data will also be very beneficial for architects and private planners. Rather than calling to County Hall these people can connect to the Internet and learn all about the geographic information of County Kilkenny from their home or office.

There are various navigation and search options associated with the application. Each is explained in detail in this help document. However once you successfully learn a function it will be the same for each time you use it.

There is no download or plug-in required for viewing these maps. All maps can be displayed through Internet Explorer, Netscape and Firefox. Response times for loading the application and individual maps within the application should be as follows:

Connection Speed

Loading Initial Application

Loading Individual Maps

Broadband5 - 10 Seconds3 - 5 Seconds
Dial Up / 56k Modem40 -60 Seconds7-12 Seconds

If there are extreme delays that exceed these times do not hesitate in contacting gisqueries@kilkennycoco.ie. Please indicate approximately the delay that exists for each map reload.

There are two distinct MyXY applications. Click the button below for the map application that interests you:

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Emergency Outside Office Hours

If you require the service of the Local Authority for an emergency outside of normal business hours please note the following:

Persons requiring the Fire Service for an emergency should Dial 112 and no other number

For any other emergency the public are advised to ring 1890 252654

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