Water Quality Monitoring Programme

Water Suppliers are responsible for the delivery of a "safe and secure" supply. The Water Quality Monitoring Programme manages the safety of a supply and proves the supply meets the necessary quality standards. Kilkenny Water Service Authority is responsible for monitoring the water quality of the water supply in its area. This comprises both public and private water supplies.
County Kilkenny has the following regulated public and private supplies

  1. 21 Public Drinking Water Supplies
  2. 24 Public Group Water Schemes,
  3. 24 Private Group Water Schemes
  4. Over 110 Small Private Supplies.

Kilkenny WSA produces a monitoring plan annually which is reviewed through the course of the year. Both the Kilkenny Water Quality Liaison Group and the Kilkenny Rural Water Services Committee meet quarterly and review progress of the monitoring plan and any issues arising.
There are three types of water quality monitoring.

Operational Monitoring which happens on a regular daily / weekly basis at the treatment plant and on the distribution network. This monitoring is useful to measure the performance of the plant and to manage changes as required.

Surveillance Monitoring is a legislative requirement under the European Communities (Drinking Water)(No. 2) Regulations 2007 and can be categorised under 'Check Monitoring' and 'Audit Monitoring'. The former consists of core microbiological and chemical parameters. This monitoring is less demanding in terms of parameters covered during testing but is carried out on a more frequent basis. Audit Monitoring on the other hand is much more detailed and expensive to undertake but is undertaken less frequently typically two to four times per year depending on the population served by the particular scheme.

Finally there is Investigative Monitoring which occurs after an incident has arisen to ensure interventions put in place have brought the supply back into compliance. The public are entitled to view all surveillance data for public and private supplies.
The sampling and analysis of supplies in Kilkenny is largely out sourced to private independent accredited laboratories. Kilkenny WSA has a limited laboratory for use in incident management.

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