Volume One
3.Employment Retailing and Education
4.Sanitary Services and Environment

5.Recreation Tourism and the Arts
6.Transport, Energy and Telecommunications
7.Housing and Community facilities
8.Rural Development
9.Conservation and Preservation
9.1 Introduction
9.2 The Built Environment
9.2.1 Sites and Features
9.2.2 Policies
9.2.3 Buildings and Structures
9.2.4 Objectives
9.3 The Natural Environment
9.3.1 Policy
9.4 Landscape
9.4.2 Areas of High Amenity
9.4.3 Policy
9.4.4 Views and Prospects
9.4.5 Policy
9.5 Recent Developments on Landscape Assesment
9.5.1 Policy
9.6 Trees and Woodlands
9.6.1 Policy
9.6.2 Tree Preservation Orders
9.6.3 Woodstock gardens
9.7 Mount Juliet
9.7.1 Development Policies & Objectives

10.Development Standards

Appendix A-Housing Strategy
Appendix B- National Monuments
Appendix C- Record of Protected Structures
Appendix D- Proposed NHA's, SAC's, Areas of scientific interest
Appendix E- Areas of High Amenity
Appendix F- Views and Prospects