County Kilkenny Waste Management Bye-laws

Following a period of public consultation the Elected Members of Kilkenny County Council adopted new Waste Management Bye-laws 2018, effective from the 15th January 2019, at the most recent Council meeting held on Monday 17th December. These new Bye-laws place obligations on waste producers in households and commercial premises regarding storage, presentation, segregation of waste, contamination prevention and demonstration of proof that their waste is disposed of by an approved waste operator or brought by the waste producer to an authorised waste facility.

These new Bye-laws are hitting at the core of unauthorised dumping which is a County wide problem. With a current rate of 27% of households failing to use the services of an authorised waste collector in Kilkenny the question has to be asked as to where this waste is ending up. The new Bye-laws place an obligation on households to be able to demonstrate how they are disposing of their waste. The new Bye-laws will also help the local authority tackle the problem of unauthorised waste collectors (i.e. the man in the van who typically disposes of waste indiscriminately). Kilkenny County Council Officials will now be carrying out door to door checks to ascertain how waste producers are disposing of their waste. Households and commercial premises are being advised to retain receipts for waste disposal for a minimum of one year for inspection purposes

The new Bye-laws will also help promote the segregation of waste in separate bins. Householders and commercial premises in population centres of over 500 people are already required to have a third food waste bin to dispose of food waste which must be provided by their Authorised Waste Collector. Those who home compost or use an authorised waste facility are exempt but will have to prove that their food waste is being disposed of in accordance with the Bye-laws. The population centres that fall into this category are listed below:

Kilkenny CityMooncoin
New Ross (Co. Kilkenny)Bennetsbridge
Ferrybank (Co. Kilkenny)Moneenroe


The County Kilkenny Waste Management Bye-laws are a step in the right direction in terms of protecting our environment, reducing public spending on illegal dumping cleanups and reaching waste disposal targets as set by the European Union. The scourge of littering and the need to increase our recycling rates and diversion of food waste from landfill and incineration is a County wide effort that requires the support and buy in of all waste producers in households and commercial premises.

The Bye-laws are supported by Enforcement Provisions with a max penalty of €2,500 with a subsequent daily fine of €500 for non compliance and/ or Fixed Payment Notices of €75 for those who are non compliant with the Waste Management Bye-laws

The new County Kilkenny Waste Management Bye-laws 2018 are available free of charge at the Environment Offices of Kilkenny County Council, County Buildings, John Street, Kilkenny or online at www.kilkennycoco. ie and further information in relation to recycling and food waste is available at www.

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