Municipal District of Kilkenny City West Decision to Close Roads 2019

Comhairle Chontae Chill Chainnigh
Kilkenny County Council
Municipal District of Kilkenny City

Section 75 of the Roads Act, 1993

NOTICE IS HERBY GIVEN of the DECISION of Kilkenny County Council to close to public traffic the following roads for the purpose of carrying out roadworks within the period Monday 25th March and
Friday 30th November 2019.
Local residents will be notified in advance of the works.
The period of any road closure shall be minimised as far as practical.
Local diversions will be in place and local access will be facilitated as far as practicable.
Appropriate signage will be erected on site.

Road Number
Diversion Route
Newline (Callan)LP 1025South Bound: R699 Callan to Baurscoob X. R697 Baurscoob to Rogerstown X
North Bound: LP1028 Ballyhall to Coolagh Chapel. R698 Coolagh Chapel to Callan.
FoxcoverLS 5035LP1014 Foxcover to Ballykeeffe. LP1013 Ballykeeffe to Kilballykeeffe. LS5034 Kilballykeeffe to Desart.
GarryrickenLP 1028LP1031 Mantingstown to Killamery, N76 Killamery to Poulacapple
Oldtown CrossLP 4206LP4206 Oldtown X to Cherrymount. R713 Cherrymount to Knocktopher. R699 Knocktopher to Moanrue X. R448 Moanrue X to Jerpoint
Kells - Goreys LaneLP 1019R697 Kells to Nolans X. LP1022 Nolans X to Rathculbin. LS 5048 Rathculbin to Newtown.
Glebe, KillameryLP 1031LP1031 Butlerswood to Mantingstown. LP1028 Mantingstown to Coolagh. R698 Coolagh to Windgap.
Ballyhall to Coolagh ChapelLP 1028LP1025 Ballyhall to Goatsbridge. LP1024 Goatsbridge to Baunta. R698 Baunta to Coolagh Chapel.
Tinvaun to Croan CrossLS 5068LS5069 Tinvaun to Shortallstown X. LS5069 Shortallstown X to CarrollsX. R699 Carrolls X to Croan
Killaloe to KilbrackenLP 5032R695 Killaloe to Graigue X. LS5031 Graigue X to Kilbrahan
StonecarthyLS 8201LS8201 Stoneycarthy X to Stoneyford. LP1023 Stoneyford to Kells Castles. LP1027 Kells Castles to Baunreagh X
WestcourtR 695N76 Westcourt to Ballymack X. R691 Ballymack to Ballyline X
Viper, KellsR 697LP1023 Kells to Kells Castles. LP1027 Kells Castles to Stoneyford. R713 Stoneyford to Danesfort. LP4200 Danesfort to Sevenhouses X
Newtown, KellsLP 1019R697 Kells to Nolans X. LP1022 Nolans X to Rathculbin. LS5048 Rathculbin to Newtown
CourtnaboolyLS 5063LP1025 Kyleateera to Ballyhall. LP1028 Ballyhall to Coolagh Chapel. R698 Coolagh Chapel to Courtnabooly.
KyleR 698North Bound: LP1028 Coolagh Chapel to Ballyhall. LP1025 Ballyhall to Goatsbridge.. R699 Goatsbridge to Callan.
South Bound: LP1024 Baunta to Goatsbridge. LP1025 Goatsbridge to Ballyhall. LP 1028 Ballyhall to Coolagh Chapel.
Kilkenny CrystalLP 1020N76 Callan to Kilbride X. R692 Kilbride to Ahanure. LS 5057 Ahanure to Whitesland. LS5055 Whitesland to Carabine Bridge.

T. Butler,

Director of Services.

13th March, 2019

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