Notice of Temporary Roadworks Speed Limits in the Municipal District of Piltown

Kilkenny County Council

Section 10 of the Road Traffic Act, 2004

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that under Section 10 of the Road Traffic Act, 2004, it is the intention
of Kilkenny County Council to impose Temporary Roadworks Speed Limits, as necessary, to facilitate
resurfacing works on dates between Monday 10th April, 2017 and Friday 2nd November, 2017 (29 weeks).

LocationExtent of Temporary Speed Limit (km)Duration - Starting on Monday 10th April to Friday 2nd November 2017Proposed Temporary Speed Limit
Mullinahone Lane (LS7511)2.0km29 weeks50km/hr
Newmarket (LP4211 / LP4212)1.0km29 weeks50km/hr
Clonassy (LP1042)1.0km29 weeks50km/hr
Treanaree (Mountain Road) (LS7469)1.5km29 weeks50km/hr
Portnahully (LS7441)1.0km29 weeks50km/hr
Brownstown Phase 1 (R704)1.0km29 weeks50km/hr
Crowbally (LS8270)1.0km29 weeks50km/hr
Aylwardstown Cross (LP3429)1.0km29 weeks50 km/hr
N25 - Newtown Lane (Aylwardstown) (LS7518)0.5km29 weeks50km/hr
Carriganurra (LP3429)0.5km29 weeks50km/hr
Clonconey (LP3400)2.0km29 weeks50km/hr
Brownsford (LP3431)1.0km29 weeks50km/hr
Mullenbeg Cross - The Sweep (LP1038)4.0km29 weeks50km/hr

Tim Butler,
Director of Services,
Corporate & Infrastructure.

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