Kilkenny County Council's Energy Policy

Kilkenny County Council's Energy Policy

Kilkenny County Council recognises its responsibility to optimise its energy usage and to reduce energy waste. This policy is aligned with the environmental objectives of Kilkenny County Council’s Climate Change Adaptation Strategy 2019 - 2024.

The scope of the energy management system includes all energy sources used for service activities with respect to all significant energy using locations.

Kilkenny County Council’s Energy Team is responsible for ensuring the implementation and maintenance of the Energy Management System and will report directly to the CEO on Energy related matters.

Kilkenny County Council is committed to carrying out all service activities in an energy efficient manner and is committed to complying with all relevant legislation and regulations with respect to energy. The organisation is committed to developing an ISO 50001 certified Energy Management System as part of its every day practices.

The organisation is committed to continual improvement and has set itself energy targets and objectives. The targets and objectives established are designed to ensure that the organisation moves towards improvement in efficient energy utilisation and reaches the public sector 33% energy efficiency target by 2020, 50% improvement by 2030 (relative to 2009 baseline); and 30% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030.

Targets and objectives established will cover all areas of Kilkenny County Council activities and will be reviewed on an annual basis. Kilkenny County Council supports the purchase of energy efficient products and services and design for energy performance improvement.

The Energy Policy is communicated to all persons who work for, or on behalf of, the organisation and is readily available to the public on request.

By fulfilling these objectives Kilkenny County Council facilities will be world class in terms of energy efficiency and will make a significant contribution to energy conservation in Ireland.

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