Waste Prevention and Minimisation Tips

Waste Prevention and Minimisation Tips

Use your consumer power properly dont just buy environmentally friendly products ask your local shop manager to stock them

Choose durable napkins and razors instead of disposable ones

Keep old corks when you have enough they'll make a great notice board

Give old toys or bikes to charity

Buy in bulk not sachets

Buy loose fruit and veg instead of pre-packed

Leave packaging behind when buying electrical appliances

Repair broken or damaged items, like shoes, instead of replacing them

Use Styrofoam or broken crockery as drainage in plant pots

Buy products with less packaging one layer is enough!

Use email instead of paper where possible

Leave newspaper supplements that you're not going to read behind in the shop

Contact a local refugee support group or charity to see if they need your old furniture don't throw it away

Buy drinks in cans instead of plastic bottles and then recycle the cans

Use dishcloths instead of disposable wipes

Composting turns spoil to soil - compost an apple core a day

Give battery rechargers as presents

Compact cartons and bulky items before you put them into your bin

Read the newspaper on the web from time to time

Buy toilet rolls made from recycled paper all Irish brands are recycled

Use your old wardrobe to floor your attic

Remember backyard burning of waste ISNT waste minimisation

Reuse old yoghurt pots for kids paints

Buy recyclable goods

Start a bits and bobs drawer

Drink tap water use a filter if you need to. There will be fewer plastic bottles in your bin

Reuse old paper as scrap

Use old household items as a planting feature in your garden

Buy rechargeable batteries

Weigh your vegetables at the counter instead of taking lots of small bags

Weigh your vegetables individually and then put them all into one bag with the stickers on the outside

Reuse bags instead of taking a other paper or plastic ones especially clothes stores

Use washable nappies they create less waste

Just buy what you need otherwise you'll have to throw it out

Use reusable containers and lunch boxes instead of plastic or foil wrapping

Buy roll on deodorant in glass instead of plastic and recycle it

Leave excess packaging at the checkout

Re-use old bottle containers with a handle as a scoop

Use both sides of the page

Cut up old clothes to make cloths instead of throwing them away

Buy eggs in cardboard instead of plastic they can be composted

Look out for environmental labels

Use refillable non-aerosol containers for household cleaners

Bring books to your nearest second hand book store

Recycle jam jar covers with steel tin recycling

Buy garden furniture made from recycled plastic

Keep old wrapping paper and ribbons

Use cards made from recycled paper

Reuse old cards get a label from the IPPC

Share magazines with friends or bring them to your local doctors practice

Ask for biodegradable bin liners

Dont buy junk

Give your old PC to a school or aid agency

Shred old newspapers for use as animal bedding

Bring your old glasses back to the opticians for use in the developing world

Bring your old mobile phone back

Recycle ink cartridges or get refillable ones for your home printer

Buy a vacuum cleaner with re - washable bags


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