Zoonoses - Animal to Man Diseases

Zoonoses are diseases which can be transmitted from animals to humans. They can be acquired

  • directly from animals by handling e.g. ringworm from infected dogs, cats, horses, calves etc., or from sheep, rabies from any rabid animal, brucellosis, etc.
  • through the ingestion of contaminated foodstuffs or drinks (unpasteurised milk) eg. Salmonella, Campylobacter, Brucella, Shiga-toxin - producing E.Coli (STEC), etc.
  • by indirect contact but due to poor hygiene practices, the agent is ingested eg. contamination of the environment - Toxocarisis from puppies and dogs etc.

The Veterinary Section participates in the South East Regional Zoonoses Committee as part of the service contract with FSAI. It is made up of multi-disciplinary public health professionals eg. vets, doctors, EHOs, lab personnel, etc., in the region from a variety of different agencies e.g. DAF, HSE and Local Authorities. The South East Regional Zoonoses Committee meets four times a year. The aim is

  • to improve inter agency working;
  • to get expert information on topical public health issues;
  • to raise awareness of common zoonoses among the public in the region, including producing booklets and leaflets, media calendar and attending some Agricultural Shows in the region.

Booklets and leaflets produced include:

Stay Healthy on your Farm Booklet (pdf 1.45MB)

Open Farm Leaflet (pdf 305KB)

How well is your water Leaflet (pdf 340KB)

Leaflet on Lyme Disease (pdf 464.2 KB)

Keeping Healthy with your Reptiles Leaflet (pdf 2.8MB)

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