European (Packaging) Regulations 2014, as amended

Guidelines for Businesses

Packaging is defined as any material, container or wrapping, used for or in connection with the containment, transport, handling, protection, promotion, marketing or sale of any product or substance.

How do these Regulations apply to your business?

The regulations apply to all businesses that handle packaging in whatever form it arises in the course of their business.
A producer is defined as a person who, for the purpose of trade or otherwise in the course of business, sells or otherwise supplies to other persons packaging material, packaging or packaging products. All producers, including retailers, participating in the placing of packaging on the Irish market, must
- segregate the packaging waste arising on their own premises into specified waste streams (i.e. waste aluminium, fibreboard, glass, paper, plastic sheeting, steel and wood) and
- have it collected by authorised operators or transferred to a producer for recycling, recovery or reuse.

How to determine if you are a Major Producer?

A Major producer is defined who:

  1. For the purpose of trade or otherwise in the course of business, sells or otherwise supplies to other persons packaging material, packaging or packaged products, where the aggregate* weight of packaging material and packaging supplied by such major producer exceeds or may be expected to exceed 10 tonnes in a calendar year, and
  2. Has an annual turnover of more than €1 million;

* Exported goods/packaging and packaging destined for reuse are not included.

It is the responsibility of the producer to prove whether they are a major producer or not. If the amount of packaging supplied is less than 10 tonnes Kilkenny County Council may require a report carried out by an external consultant to confirm same.
Turnover may be declared by way of an accountant's/auditor's letter stating whether or not your turnover is greater than €1 million.


Obligations on Major Producers


Major producers have the choice to either:

Join Repak Ltd. or register with Kilkenny County Council as a Major Producer.

Joining Repak

If you choose to become a Repak member, you will be required to pay an annual fee. In return you will be discharged from the obligations placed on self-compliers, including the requirement to take back packaging waste. Visit Repaks website for further details:

Registering with Kilkenny County Council as a Self Complier

Self-compliers must:


  • Register with Kilkenny County Council in respect of each premises located in Co. Kilkenny.
  • Pay an annual fee of €15 per tonne of packaging placed on the Irish market.
  • Provide adequate facilities for the public, free of charge, for the take back of packaging waste.
  • Display a notice at each entrance advertising take back facilities.
  • Prepare a Three Implementation Plan specifying the steps to be taken to comply with the Regulations.
  • Advertise take back facilities in local news papers twice yearly.
  • Submit Quarterly Reports on packaging received supplied and recovered.
  • Submit an Annual Report on packaging received, supplied and recovered.
  • Make the above plans available to the public on request.
  • Arrange for the collection of packaging waste on request from anyone whom the Major Producer supplies.
  • Major Producers are obliged to accept /collect and meet recovery/recycling targets of a specific proportion of the packaging placed on the market in a given quarter.

Application forms for registration as a Major Producer can be downloaded below:

Application for registration
Application for renewal of registration.
Quarterly Report
Annual Packaging Report
Three Year Implementation Plan

The European (Packaging) Regulations 2014, as amended are available at


Should you have any queries in relation to the Packaging Regulations, please contact the Environment Section, Kilkenny County Council on 056-7794470 or by email at or visit Repak's website at:

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