Domestic Lead Remediation Grant

Lead in Drinking Water

Reducing exposure to lead in drinking water

In June 2015, the government published a national strategy to reduce exposure to lead in drinking water. The strategy aims to address a legacy issue of public exposure to lead. Lead piping and plumbing was commonly used in houses built up to and including the 1970s and remains a potential source of lead. Long-term exposure to lead can cause adverse health effects. Infants, young children and pregnant women are most at risk from the health effects of lead in drinking water.

Grant scheme to replace lead pipes and fittings announced

In order to reduce exposure to lead in drinking water, a grant scheme to assist low-income households with the costs of replacing lead pipes and fittings within their homes is now available. The principal features of the grant scheme are as follows:
- Households with income of up to 50,000 euro per annum will be eligible to apply for a grant of 80% of approved costs with a maximum grant payable of 4,000 euro. Households with incomes between 50,001 euro and 75,000 euro will be eligible for a grant of 50% of approved costs with a maximum grant payable of 2,500 euro
- A grant will only be paid after the works have been carried out and on production of a receipt
- Applicants must provide evidence of household income - these requirements mirror the conditions for the septic tank and social housing grants which are also administered by the local authorities
- Contractors engaged by householders must provide a copy of a current tax clearance certificate and certify that the works carried out and the materials and fittings used are of appropriate quality and standard

Kilkenny County Council will administer the grant on behalf of the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government. Further information and application form can be downloaded below. You can also contact the Water Services Dept of Kilkenny County Council on 056-7794076 or email

Download - Grant to Replace Lead Pipes and Fittings Information Leaflet.pdf (size 3.3 MB)

download lead remediation grant application form.pdf (size 135.3 KB)

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