Ordinary Meetings of Kilkenny County Council 2013

Kilkenny County Council Agendas and Minutes 2013

JanuaryAgenda for January Council Meeting.doc (size 67.1 KB)

Minutes of Ordinary Meeting of Kilkenny County Council held on Monday 21st January.doc (size 79.4 KB)

Minutes of Budget Meeting held on 11th January, 2013

FebruaryAgenda for February Council Meeting.doc (size 53.8 KB)Minutes of February Council Meeting 2013.doc (size 81.9 KB)
MarchAgenda for March Council Meeting.doc (size 63.5 KB)Minutes of March Council Meeting 2013.doc (size 91.6 KB)
AprilAgenda for April Council Meeting.docx (size 24 KB)Minutes of April Council Meeting 2013.docx (size 42.5 KB)
MayAgenda for May Council Meeting 2013.docx (size 25.6 KB)Minutes of May Council Meeting 2013.docx (size 42.5 KB)
JuneAgenda for June Council Meeting .docx (size 24.2 KB)

Minutes June Council Meeting 2013.docx (size 34.7 KB

Minutes of Special Meeting held on 23rd May, 2013

Minutes of Annual Meeting held June 2013


JulyAgenda July Council Meeting 2013.docx (size 22.7 KB)Minutes of July Council Meeting 2013.docx (size 28.1 KB)
SeptemberAgenda September Council Meeting 2013.docx (size 26.9 KB)

Minutes September Council Meeting 2013.docx (size 39.8 KB)

Minutes of Special Meeting held on 15th July, 2013

OctoberAgenda October Council Meeting 2013.docx (size 27 KB)Minutes October Council Meeting 2013.doc (size 88.1 KB)
NovemberAgenda November Council Meeting 2013.doc (size 59.9 KB)

Minutes November Council Meeting 2013.docx (size 32.7 KB)

Minutes of Joint Meeting held on 7th October, 2013

Minutes of Special Meeting held on 4th November, 2013

DecemberMinutes of Meeting held on 17th December.doc (size 88.6 KB)Minutes December Council Meeting 2013.docx (size 29.1 KB)

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