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Kilkenny County Council are committed to informing citizens in Kilkenny of funding and activities that may be of interest to you and your community group. We want to further develop these interactive newsletters that will serve as a tool to keep you informed of developments and also to share information and highlight some of the great work being carried out by community groups throughout County Kilkenny.

These newsletters can be viewed on your PC, mobile phone, iPad etc.

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Newsletters 2020

Issue 20

Community Newsletter Issue 20 Thumbnail

Kilkenny Day
kilkenny day cover

Issue 19


Issue 18

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Issue 17

Issue 17 Cover

Community Newsletter Issue 17 -Important Updates.

Please see link below to the recent Kilkenny County Council Community e-newsletter (Issue 17). Kilkenny County Council will continue to provide you with useful information to help you through these difficult times. PLEASE SHARE

A Sample of some of the information included in this newsletter includes;


- COVID - 19 & Kilkenny County Council Updates

- Local Enterprise Office (COVID-19 Business Supports)

- Details on housing loans, rents and mortgages

- Deferred rates payments

- Key Community Contacts

- Services for the Elderly

- On-line Library Services

- Communications Pack for Volunteers

- General community information


Please SHARE the newsletter link to your community contacts and on relevant social media channels. This newsletter will be updated as new information is made available

Newsletters 2019

Issue 16


Issue 15

issue 15 thumbnail

Issue 14

issue 14 thumbnail

Issue 13


Newsletters 2018

Issue 12

issue12 cover-small

Issue 11


Issue 10

Issue 10 thumb

Issue 9

issue 9 thumb

Newsletters 2017

Issue 8

Issue 8 Cover

Issue 7

issue 7 thumb

Issue 6

Issue 6 thumb

Issue 5

Issue 3 thumb bew

Issue 6

Issue 6 thumb

Newsletters 2016

Newsletter 4 - 2016

Issue 3 thumb bew

Newsletter 3 - 2016


2015 Newsletters

Estate Management Newsletter #1



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