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Information for the Participants

Kilkenny County Council and the Irish Society of Charted Physiotherapists are involved in an initiative called Urban ACTION (UcanACT) for cancer prevention: adult and senior citizens practice physical activity within public urban green spaces to prevent cancer diseases. The UCANACT project is an intersectoral initiative, co-funded by the EU Commission and involves collaboration with physiotherapists, local authorities, non-profit organisations, higher education and research institutions from Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy and Ireland. The overall objective is to engage adult and senior citizens to practice physical activity (PA) as a tool for cancer prevention within public urban green spaces (PUGS). The field of cancer prevention was chosen by the project partners due to the high urgency and importance of this topic for European public health. Cancer prevention, treatment and care were recognized by the Von der Leyen Commission as a main priority in the area of health.

The target groups for the UcanACT initiative includes Citizens over the age of 50 living in Kilkenny City or living within 10 kilometres of Kilkenny City:

  • Citizens >50 years of age living with cancer
  • Citizens > 50 years of age in recovery from cancer or had a previous diagnosis of cancer in the past
  • Citizens >50 years of age who do not have cancer or never had a cancer diagnosis (without cancer disease)

One of the project outcomes aims to engage adult and senior citizens to participate in physical activity within public Green Spaces.

 In order to achieve these outcomes, the following actions and activities will take place across the three pilot areas: Kilkenny (Ireland), Bologna (Italy) and Germany (Munich):

  • Needs Analysis: to explore any existing issues, barriers, motivators and opportunities that can influence participation in physical activity in green spaces for senior citizens. The needs analysis will involve two stages: Questionnaire and Focus Groups. The Questionnaire is now available and is open for participants to complete. The questionnaire will capture information about health status, medical history, physical activity behaviours, and environmental and wellbeing factors which influence or prohibit participation in physical activity. The focus groups will be in January and some participants that complete the questionnaire will be invited to attend a facilitated workshop and explore the factors highlighted above in more detail (participation in the focus groups is not mandatory if you complete a questionnaire)

Future Project Stages

  • Citizen Engagement Strategy (2023) : Policy developed on the resources and recommendations required on best practice for engagement with senior citizens and empowering them to engage in physical activity in green spaces
  • Cancer Specific Physical Activity Exercises (2023-2024): The physical activity sessions will commence in September 2023 and will be supported by Physiotherapists in Kilkenny. A Physical Activity App will be in the early stages of development by the project partners in Europe. As part of the physical activity sessions, the App will be trialled by citizens who wish to participate in the physical activity programmes in three parks/green spaces in Kilkenny. The physical activity sessions will be available for all the target groups highlighted above (those with cancer/previously had cancer and those without cancer above the age of 50).
  • Communications (2023-2025): Information and Awareness: there will be promotions about the project as it progresses and there will be increased awareness of the health outcomes (specifically cancer prevention) of physical activity in green spaces for senior citizens across the three pilot areas. This will be achieved through social media platforms, local media, videos and webinars

If you require any further information about the project please do not hesitate to contact the Healthy Kilkenny Coordinator, Kilkenny County Council,

Name: Janette Boran,

email: Janette.boran@kilkennycoco.ie or phone 087-4068122

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