Social Inclusion

Social Inclusion

Kilkenny County Council Community and Enterprise section was established as part of Better Local Government changes identified in 1996. In early 2000 the Kilkenny County Development Board (CDB) was set up with the main task of drawing up and implementing a Strategy for Economic, Social and Cultural Development for Kilkenny. Key outcomes of the CDB were to bring local development and local government closer, deliver a more integrated approach to service delivery and to ensure special efforts were made to prioritise and facilitate the engagement of groups who experience marginalisation and disadvantage.

The CDB strategies developed were to take account of key national and public policies including the National Development Plan, the National Anti-poverty Strategy, the National Sustainable Development Policy, the National Equality Policy and the Information Age Policy.

The Local Government Reform Act 2014 makes legal provision for the reforms set out in the Government's Action Programme for Effective Local Government, Putting People First, which was published in October 2012. One of the provisions in the Act relates to community development in the context of local government, involving the establishment of Local Community Development Committees in place of the City and County Development Boards

The Community and Enterprise Department became the Community Culture and Housing Department in 2008-2009. Through the work of the Social Inclusion Measures Group (SIM), a subgroup of the CDB, the section has focussed attention on supporting those groups in the county who experience social exclusion as identified in the National Anti-Poverty Strategy 2007-2016.

As part of this focus the Community and Culture section has supported, endorsed and resourced a number of key strategies and polices that go some way in addressing social exclusion issues for particular groups in society.

The links below relates to local regional and national profiling and social inclusion priorities for Kilkenny:

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Kilkenny Recreation and Sports Partnership Strategic Plan

Action Plan for Jobs 2014

Kilkenny County Development Plan 2014 - 2020

Better Outcomes Brighter Futures - The National Policy Framework for Children and Young People - 2014 -2020

Investing in Families: Supporting Parents to improve outcomes for Children - Child and Family Agency Parent Support Strategy

County Kilkenny Traveller Profile 2013

National Drugs Strategy (Interim) 2009 - 2016 - Department of Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs

Draft Kilkenny Local Authority Estate Management Plan 2015 - 2020

County Kilkenny Vocational Education Committee - Education Plan 2011 - 2015

South East Homeless Action Plan 2013 - 2016

Teagasc Statement of Strategy 2012 - 2015

South East LGBT Regional Strategy

Ferrybank Community Development Strategy Plan 2015 - 2020

Our Community Our Conversation - Kilkenny Action Plan for Suicide Prevention 2014 - 2018

Kilkenny Integration Strategy 2013 - 2017

National Disability Implementation Plan 2013 - 2015

National Action Plan for Social Inclusion 2007 - 2016

Kilkenny Age Friendly Strategy and Action Plan

Kilkenny Enterprise Development Plan 2014

Kilkenny Public Participation Network Information and Registration Pack

2014 Further Education and Training Plan - SOLAS


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