Local Economic and Community Plan

Local Economic and Community Plan 2016 - 2021

Kilkenny County Council and the Local Community Development Committee (LCDC) for Kilkenny have prepared a Local Economic and Community Plan (LECP) for the county which was launched by Minister Ann Phelan on Friday 12th February, 2015.

The LECP provides a road map for the development of our county to 2021. One of the main objectives of the LECP is to ensure the effective co-ordination of publicly funded programmes. As a statutory plan, the LECP will provide a blueprint for local and community development funding invested in County Kilkenny over the next 6 years. This includes programmes such as the Social Inclusion and Community Activation Programme, or SICAP, and the LEADER rural development programme.

The process of developing the plan has been a genuine collaboration between statutory agencies, local development organisations, elected representatives, local people, businesses and communities. The implementation of the plan therefore provides a unique opportunity for joined-up thinking and collaboration.

While it is an integrated Plan, the LECP comprises 2 distinct elements. The Local Community Development Committee, or LCDC, prepared and is responsible for implementing the local community development aspects of the Plan; and the Strategic Policy Committee, or SPC, for Economic Development of Kilkenny County Council prepared and is responsible for implementing the economic development elements of the plan. Both elements were developed in tandem and combined in the final LECP.

View the Local Economic and Community Plan here

View the Community Plan leaflet here

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