Think Before You Get a Puppy This Christmas

This Christmas think carefully before you decide to get or give a puppy, and consider the following:-

  • Acquiring a family pet should be researched really well so that the animal breed is suitable to your own unique family circumstances. It is a bad idea to surprise somebody with a gift of an animal.
  • Puppies grow up to be mature dogs - often changing in appearance and temperament;
  • Please buy from a reputable, registered breeder only and ask to see the pups birth mother and father.
  • Crossbreeds can be re-homed from the Carlow Kilkenny Dog Shelter -059/9726785. In doing so you are giving an unwanted dog a home.
  • Along with all the joy a dog brings, ownership has many demands such as:-
    • Housing, feeding and securing the boundaries of your property.
    • Care of your dog while you are out during the day or on holidays.
    • Do you have time in your day to care for another family member to feed, groom, walk, socialize etc?
    • Dogs can carry diseases which may be harmful to humans, particularly children.
    • Cost – it can cost as much €1,500 each year to care properly for your dog.

Responsible Dog Ownership

The decision to get a dog should not be rushed but should be carefully considered. Seek expert advice from your local Veterinarian before you get a dog. They will give advice on breeds and whether to get a puppy or adult dog.  It is advised that all dogs should be vaccinated and neutered. 

Responsible dog ownership includes:-

  • Having your dog under control at alltimes is a legal requirement and avoids causing a nuisance to pedestrians, cars, cyclists, guide dogs, dog fouling etc. Even family pets can chase and kill livestock, especially in the upcoming lambing season.  Dog owners are liable for any damage caused by their dog.
  • Owners of a Restricted Breed  must ensure they are muzzled and under no circumstances should a restricted breed be running loose in a public place. 
  • Having a tag on the dog’s collar with the name, address and contact number of the owner.
  • Microchipping your dog. All dogs are legally required to be microchipped, and registered. It can be helpful to trace your dog if it gets lost or stolen.
  • Having a dog licence which may be purchased online at or at your local post office (cost €20). 
  • Cleaning up when your dog fouls in a public place. This keeps your locality clean, reduces children’s exposure to diseases e.g.  toxocarisis and ensures that you will not get an-on-the spot fine of €150.  To help dog owners, Pooper Scoopers are widely available and can be purchased at Veterinary Surgeries, Pet Shops etc.
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