Appealing a Fixed Charge Offence Notice

Kilkenny County Council operates a prepaid On Street Parking system and a Barrier System for its car parks.

Motorists must comply with the Kilkenny Borough Council Car Park Bye Laws 2010 and Parking Control Bye Laws 2012 and Appointed Stands Bye Laws 2010. Motorists must also comply with National Parking Regulations which govern illegal parking. e.g. parking on double yellow lines, single yellow lines, on a footpath or junction or disrupting the flow of traffic.

Kilkenny County Council enforces the Kilkenny Borough Council Parking Bye Laws and the National regulations through the issue of Fixed Charge Offences.

If you receive a Fixed Charge Offence and wish to dispute this you may lodge an appeal, this is a non-statutory appeal procedure.

  • please note that an appeal received does not stop the time accruing on the offence.
  • any increase in the penalty irrespective of any delay which may occur is your responsibility.
  • i.e. after 28 days (inclusive of weekends and bank holidays, the fine will increase by 50%. You then have up to day 56 to pay the fine, after day 56 the fine shall automatically process for court.
  • if you decide to pay the fixed charge offence, your appeal shall be cancelled.

An appeal should include the following information:

  • Name, address and vehicle registration number of the appellant
  • A completed appeal form, which are available from County Hall or available to download at link below, or a written letter outlining the reasons for appeal.

Data Privacy Statement - Parking Fines Appeals Process

For Appeals Form click here

All appeals must be written clearly and legible.


  1. Parking on Double Yellow Lines
  2. Parking in a manner likely to cause an obstruction, e.g. parking on a footpath or on a corner
  3. Parking in a Disabled Bay without displaying a valid Disability Permit
  4. Parking a vehicle in a manner prohibited, i.e. parking outside a marked bay in a public carpark or in a hatched area ina public car park.
  5. Parking in a place prohibited, e.g. a Bus Bay, Taxi Rank or Residents Only Area.
  6. Parking in a Loading Bay without displaying a commercial tax disc, for longer than the time allowed or without loading or unloading being observed.
  7. Or any other form of illegal parking


Upon receipt of your appeal:

  • Upon receipt of your appeal we shall process the appeal in accordance with the appeal procedure.
  • The appeal shall be considered in conjunction with the evidence supplied by the traffic warden in relation to the issue of the ticket.
  • We shall notify you in writing of the decision.
  • We shall record details of your appeal for control and audit purposes.


Appeals should be sent to:
Kilkenny County Council
Traffic Department
County Hall
John Street

Telephone: 056-7794540.

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