Waste Management (Tyres and Waste Tyres) Regulations 2017

Information relating to role of Kilkenny County Council regarding waste tyres.

These Regulations set out the legal obligations for entities who have tyres as part of their business.  Visit here to view the regulations.


Any business which sells tyres, puts goods with tyres onto the market or has tyre waste has an obligation to join the Repak ELT under the Tyre Regulations.  If you are unsure whether you have an obligation please contact Repak ELT by email on info@repakelt.ie or call 01 4618 600.


Local Authorities (LAs) are responsible for enforcing the Retailer Obligations.

LA Waste Enforcement Officers (WEOs) visit members and non-members to ensure compliance.

The three Waste Enforcement Regional Lead Authorities (WERLAs) help support the LAs in their work

  • Connacht-Ulster WERLA
  • Eastern-Midlands WERLA
  • Southern WERLA

visible Environment Management Cost (vEMC)

The vEMC paid on purchase of a tyre ensures it is recycled at end of life. The vEMC ensures that scheme tyres, those accounted for by Producers when they first go on the market in Ireland, can be collected without charge from Member outlets.
Schedule of vEMCs

• Passenger car, van and 4 X 4= €2.80 + VAT
• Motorcycle = €1.50 + VAT

How it is to be displayed on documentation
The vEMC should be displayed as a separate line item on all invoices and customer sales receipts.
The Department of Environment, Climate and Communications (DECC) are responsible for the Waste Management (Tyres and Waste Tyres) Regulations 2017 which govern the level of vEMC applied for each tyre category.   The requirements for the vEMC to be a separate line item on all sales documentation are outlined in the Regulations.


Monthly reporting is essential to ensure you can avail of regular waste collections.  Reporting ensures that all Members tyres are fully accounted for so collections can run effectively.  Submitting accurate reporting each month helps your business stay compliant and supports the challenge to non-compliance within the industry.

Reporting ensures that all Members tyres are fully accounted for so collections a assistance with your reporting please email us at info@repakelt.ie, or call us on (01) 4618 600.
How to Report
Producers report all tyres placed on the Irish market to the Producer Register Limited (PRL)
Retail Members report monthly to the scheme to ensure their waste is always accounted for when they need a collection.
Members report tyres sourced, fitted, sold and waste tyres collected. Members also must report tyres that are fitted but not sold by you

For guidance on how to report please click your Member type below. 

Guidance to complete Retail Reporting

Guidance to complete ATF Reporting

How to Report Tyres




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