Kilkenny County Council - Update Tuesday 6th March at 12.30pm

All roads in the county are now cleared with at least a single lane open in the worst affected areas. Motorists are advised to take care on these roads, as it is may not be possible for two cars to pass each other.

Motorists are reminded that there is a likelihood of surface water on roads as the snow melts, and therefore to exercise caution when undertaking any journey.

Farmers are requested to check for water leaks on outlying farms and make arrangements to get the leaks fixed as soon as possible to conserve the supplies of water.

Please check in on your neighbour to ensure that they are OK.

Kilkenny County Council would like to thank all volunteers for their help over the last few days.

All queries in relation to roads should be made to the relevant Area Office.

For all water related queries ring 1850 278278 (Irish Water).

For all ESB related queries ring 1850 372999.

Regular updates will be provided throughout the day on all normal news channels, social media, and the Council website,

#BeastFromTheEast #stormemma #BeWinterReady

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