Food Safety

There is a Food Safety Service Contract between Kilkenny County Council and FSAI, which covers the areas of Carlow County Council and Kilkenny County Council under the Contract Kilkenny County Council is an Official Agency of FSAI. There are delegated powers, duties and responsibilities to Kilkenny County Council as a Competent Authority. It is funded from National Exchequer through FSAI.

The duties and responsibilities for food safety activities is derived from the legislation listed in the Contract includes:

  •  the inspection, approval and registering of food premises and equipment
  •  provision of ante and post mortem inspections for each animal slaughtered at low - medium throughput slaughterhouses
  •  The inspection, sampling and analysis of food
  •  The inspection and analysis of food labelling
  •  Provision of Official Controls to verify compliance with food law, animal health and animal welfare rules
  •  Participation in FSAI and interagency working groups
  •  Interagency working e.g. Regional Zoonoses Committee, National Zoonoses Committee
  •  Compliance with the multi-annual national control plan for Ireland
  •  Continuing Professional Development
  •  Internal Audit
  •  Facilitation of External Audits e.g. FVO, FSAI etc.
  •  Participation in the Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed
  •  Data collection and reporting
  •  Investigation of food borne outbreaks and incidents and involvement in Disease Outbreak Control teams where required
  •  Participation in E.U. coordinated Control Plans e.g. Residue Sampling

In addition to the above animal health and welfare issues are inspected, audited and controlled in such premises. Activities supervised include, low to medium throughput slaughterhouses, meat cutting rooms, meat processing, sausage making, storage and distribution of meat, on farm slaughter of poultry etc.

Click on the applications below to download:

- Application for Approval of Meat Establishments
- List of Registered Food Businesses under Kilkenny LA Supervision
- List of Approved Food Businesses
- Application for the Registration of a Food Business

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