County Kilkenny Traveller Profile 2013


This profile of Travellers living in County Kilkenny was commissioned by the Kilkenny Traveller Community
Movement (KTCM) who were directly involved in overseeing and carrying out this research. Community
Consultants were successful in tendering for the work and commenced work in May 2013. The aim of carrying
out the profile was to:

a. Gather useful information in relation to the Traveller community in Kilkenny, e.g. ages, family size, living
conditions, etc.

b. Make this information available to service providers and local organisations in order to assist with
planning responses to Traveller's needs including guiding the future development of the KTCM, e.g.
provide them with information about housing, health, children and education.

c. Gain a better understanding of the Traveller community in Kilkenny, their perception of their needs, the
challenges they face and the resources they bring to their community.

The work was led by Maria Power, Community Consultants Ltd., and was carried out by Maria and the Outreach
Team at KTCM. This work was also supported by the Community Health Workers, staff in the housing section of
Kilkenny County Council and the Kilkenny Traveller Interagency Group (KTIG), who have committed to
responding to the report's findings.

The work was carried out as agreed on a confidential basis i.e. personal information in relation to individual
family name was coded and referenced by the consultant only and was not made available to anyone else. In
addition, only information which Travellers were comfortable and agreeable to providing was recorded. While
detailed data on all families was not made available, the level of data captured is substantial and is line with
trends in other data collection reports on Travellers.

Download County Kilkenny Traveller Profile 2013.pdf (size 14.4 MB)

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