Kilkenny County Council’s Digital Strategy: Development Stage

Digital Strategy

Kilkenny County Council is developing a Digital Strategy with the desire to meet the needs and aspirations of the people of Kilkenny. Enabling them to benefit from digital technologies and infrastructure throughout the county.
The results of this survey will give an overview of the digital makeup in Kilkenny county and highlight where improvements and developments can be made.
Below are 3 questionnaires for different types of users. Please complete the questionnaire most relevant to you. There is nothing stopping you completing all 3 if you think it is relevant.

Business - Business Questionnaire
This questionnaire is aimed at all types of businesses in Kilkenny.
The ideal respondent will be the owner or a senior manager within the organisation.

Non Profit - Non Profit Questionnaire
This questionnaire is aimed at all types of not-for-profit organisations in Kilkenny.
(e.g. public sector, community organisations, sporting organisations, charities, etc.)

Consumer - Consumer Questionnaire
This questionnaire is aimed at individual people who may or may not be internet users.

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