Press Release - Funding announced for 11 Projects under the Town and Village Renewal Scheme 2017

Kilkenny County Council welcomes the announcement of funding of € 873,364 for 11 projects under the 2017 Town and Village Renewal Scheme. Applications were submitted under a competitive call for proposals. The focus of this year's scheme is on projects to enhance and develop towns socially, economically and culturally. The selection of projects was undertaken by the Department of Arts, Heritage, Regional, Rural & Gaeltacht Affairs from a competitive process on the basis of applications submitted from all Local Authorities.
Full involvement by community interest and business interests was an essential factor of the successful projects. The Council congratulates all of the eleven communities involved in putting forward innovative proposals and for collaborating with the Councils Community Department, which led the process, and which also involved Council staff from many departments.

The Council will continue to work with the communities to ensure the effective delivery of the projects so that the benefits from each will be enjoyed by all.

The full listing of the successful projects is below

Successful Projects
ProjectProject SummaryGrant AwardApplication Value% Funded
Ballyragget Community HallProvision of a youth facility and an adult education facility in the existing Ballyragget Community Centre€55,044€55,044100%
Callan Kings River Improvement WorksUndertake in-river and riverbank improvements to the Kings River in Callan.€72,000€72,000100%
Castlecomer Pedestrian BridgeProvide a pedestrian and cyclist bridge over the River Deen so as to connect Castlecomer Discovery Park with Castlecomer Town€100,000€200,00050%
Goresbridge DevelopmentCompletion of access road to existing playground, provision of surfaced area and landscaping, access to water supply, public lighting and cctv facilities at the berthing area at the Quay Goresbridge.€46,600€46,600100%
GraiguenamanaghProvision of Marquees, a Town of Books book store and artisan hub and a Marketing and PR Campaign so as to amalgamate two existing festivals (Town of Books festival and Regatta Festival ) into a month long festival of events in Graiguenamanagh to include also a Music fest and a Walking festival so as to increases tourism and employment in the area.€41,000€41,000100%
HugginstownProvision of Walkways, kerbing, drainage, speed control and other public realm enhancement works (phase1)€95,000€95,000100%
InistiogeStabilising works to an the ruins of a Medieval three storey Fortified Townhouse (a Protected Structure). This is the initial step to the provision of a visitor centre in the premises.€26,000€26,000100%
KilmacowProvision of walkways ,drainage and public lighting, car parking and landscaping in order to connect both parts of the village (Phase 1).€77,760€77,760100%
NewmarketProvision of an extension and upgrade to Gairdín an Ghorta Community and Visitor centre.€80,000€80,000100%
Piltown Enterprise hubConstruction of a custom-built Enterprise Hub (2,563 sq feet) as an extension to an existing Incubation Enterprise Centre€200,000€200,000100%
Windgap Community CentreFitting out of Community Shop, Community Hub and Tea Rooms.€79,960€79,960100%

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