Kilkenny Poetry Broadsheet 2016 - Now available online!

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Kilkenny County Council Arts Office is delighted to publish the sixteenth issue of the very popular KILKENNY POETRY BROADSHEET. The aim of the publication is to give local writers a platform for their work.

This sixteenth issue of Kilkenny Poetry Broadsheet was edited by Kimberly Campanello

Editor Kimberly Campanello Statement:
In its poetic usage, language can link us directly to reality and a transcendence of that reality. Thus, in judging this year's competition I was looking for what Seamus Heaney calls technique: 'Technique...involves not only a poet's way with words, his management of metre, rhythm and verbal texture; it involves also a definition of his stance toward life, a definition of his own reality. It involves the discovery of ways to go out of his normal cognitive bounds and raid the inarticulate...' Thus, I was looking for fresh, concrete word choice, strong imagery, compelling uses of figurative language, attentiveness to sound and visual structure, risk-taking in form and content, and technique, which I call poetic vision. I'm delighted to present this year's selection of poems, and I wish to thank Mary Butler, Niamh Brophy, Julie McGuirk of Kilkenny Arts Office for their support and Alé Mercado for his design.

Published Poets

Alice Bennett - Mother Instead
Ray Bolger - On Warm Summer Days
Nora Brennan - Mass Rock
Carmel Cummins - Fómhar na nGéanna ar Oileán Acla, 2015
Kevin Dowling - Weather Report
Angela Esmonde - Desperate
Shane Joyce - Real
Mary Malin - Dirty Shirts
Márie Ní Lorcáin - A-Maying
Mary O'Shea - I See Cat's Paws
Nuala Roche - Skin Pic and Sisters by the Red Sea

Shortlisted Poets

Breda Barrett - Waiting on the Bough
Anne Beck - Chlorophyll
Alice Bennett - Bogarth
Peter Brabazon - Skellig Michael
Nora Brennan - Mindful
Patrick Doyle - Homage to a Rock at Ballymacart Beach
Breda Joyce - Mute
Claire Mulcahy - No Fixed Abode
Mike Watts - Glimpsing the future

The Kilkenny Poetry Broadsheet is available in Kilkenny Libraries, selected bookshops and from the Kilkenny Arts Office, 5 Dean Street.

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