Public Lighting Energy Efficiency Project (PLEEP).


Kilkenny County Council is the lead authority in the Eastern Region of the Public Lighting Energy Efficiency Project (PLEEP). The PLEEP is a national project for the upgrading of Public Lighting infrastructure from incandescent light bulbs to energy efficient LED lanterns. Public Lighting is responsible for 34.8% of Kilkenny County Councils energy consumption. The target energy savings for the PLEEP is 70% with a minimum saving estimated at 50% of original consumption. An even higher saving could be made through the introduction of “dimming and trimming” this is where lights can be set to dim outside of peak hours and trim to refine where the light is emitted therefore protecting our natural environment and surrounding from light pollution. To date almost half of the 10,726 lanterns in Kilkenny have been upgraded LED fittings. With an estimated payback period of 10 years and a life span of 25 years.

Kilkenny County Council will not only see a significant reduction in energy consumption and emissions, but also significant cost savings. The predicted emissions savings of 1.28ktCO2eq would go a long way in meeting the 51 percent reduction in emissions set out in the Kilkenny County Climate Action Plan for 2030. Other benefits include less maintenance, less light pollution due to no orange glow and increased public safety as the new lights shows true colour and can be directed.

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