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"The Primary School Programme (PSP) started within Kilkenny Fire and Rescue Service in 2006/07 academic year and has been proven to be very successful to date, see inaugural launch pictures below. Kilkenny Fire and Rescue Service are very proud to say we have engaged fully with the National Directorate for Fire and Emergency Management (NDFEM) and offered the delivery annually to all primary schools in Kilkenny City and County. This programme is targeted and offered initially to all 3rd Class pupils. The programme is delivered through a package called "Safety Team" and consists of a one-hour fire safety talk given at local brigade level by local firefighters. In Kilkenny we have 7no fire brigades throughout the County, with a current staff compliment of 68no firefighters - We have 35no fire officers from all ranks trained in the delivery of this programme - We refresh our firefighters in presentation skills and voice projection, when new recruits join our brigades they are encouraged to train up and to join the local PSP delivery Safety Teams.

Note - It is no small task to stand up in front of +30 very learned wee ones - Who have been known to ask some of most unusual questions and throw the most experienced of fire officers off their train of thought!!!! In saying this, our fire officers really enjoy visiting our primary schools and it is a two-way street - We get as much from visiting the children as they get from seeing their 'local heroes' and learning some of our KEY SAFETY MESSAGES for them to cascade home to teach the adults in their homes ...... Firefighter Damien said 'Check your smoke alarms every Tuesday' ........... Firefighter Andy said 'We have to do a HOME FIRE SAFETY PLAN and we have to include our family pet "Leo the Fish" too'.

The programme is designed to enhance the levels of awareness of fire safety in the home and to raise the level of awareness of fire safety in the community. The school children are expected as part of their homework, to interact with their families on the elements of the programme.

If you have any questions about this programme and/or would like any additional information, please contact programme co-ordinator Killian John Hennessy, Senior Assistant Chief Fire Officer (SACFO) on telephone number 056 - 7794400. Information on the content of the Safety Team programme can be seen on the internet at the following address - National Directorate for Fire and Emergency Management (NDFEM) - .

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