Kilkenny County Council Housing Delivery Action Plan 2022 - 2026


Housing for All is the Government’s plan to increase the supply of housing to an average of 33,000 units per year over the next decade. The delivery of new social and affordable housing is a key priority of the plan and will form an important element of the overall delivery of new housing units. Housing for All includes a commitment to deliver 90,000 social homes by 2030. This includes over 10,000 social homes each year over the next five years. In addition, Housing for All commits to a very significant increase in the delivery of affordable homes (for purchase and rent), by local authorities and Approved Housing Bodies.

A key part of Housing for All is that Local Authorities develop and submit Housing Delivery Action Plans to include details of social and affordable housing delivery.

This Kilkenny Housing Delivery Action Plan sets out details of both social and affordable housing delivery over the period 2022 to 2026, in line with targets set for Kilkenny under Housing for All.


Download The Kilkenny County Council Housing Delivery Action Plan 2022 - 2026.pdf (size 1.1 MB)

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