Notice to Quit (Notice of Termination) Supports

Kilkenny County Council is aware that households in Kilkenny who may have received a notice to quit, which is also referred to as a notice of termination, from their landlord may be worried or unsure of what to do.

Anybody who has received a notice of termination and who has no alternative accommodation can contact their local authority.

Kilkenny County Councils first response will be to try to prevent homelessness and to support households to find alternative accommodation.

The Housing Office would like to advise anyone affected of the services that are available to them in these circumstances.

  • We strongly encourage tenants residing in the Kilkenny area, who have been issued with a notice of termination, to contact Kilkenny County Council as soon as they receive a notice from their landlord. The contact details for Kilkenny County Councils Homeless Prevention services are provided at the end of this page, a specific email address has been set up to take queries in relation to notices to quit.

  • The Housing Department may refer the notice to Focus Ireland, a service providing tenancy protection advice for private renters in Kilkenny, to check the validity of the notice as served. Tenants can seek advice directly from Focus Ireland via their website
  • Limited emergency accommodation is available in Kilkenny and will be provided as a last resort, if no other alternative accommodation solution can be identified.

  • Where a Valid Notice to Quit has been served and the person or household is eligible for social housing supports
    Kilkenny County Council will assess the person’s position on the social housing list, provide advice on the Housing Needs Assessment process and on the level of Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) that they may be eligible to receive. In some cases, Kilkenny County Council will assess if they can acquire the property in which the tenant currently resides, if it is being offered for sale, under the tenant in situ scheme.
  • Where a Valid Notice to Quit has been served and the person or household is not eligible for social housing supports
    Kilkenny County Council can provide advice and direct the person to the appropriate service, including supports to help with home purchase. We are aware that the government is examining the implementation of a “First Refusal Scheme” for tenants to purchase their homes, as well as a cost rental in-situ scheme. Kilkenny County Council will be able to provide more information on these measures when available.

The Housing Department has identified alternative accommodation solutions for many households in receipt of a valid notice of termination including alternative private rental or social housing options. Where an appropriate housing solution can be provided by the Housing Authority to meet the assessed housing need of the household the option to acquire the property will not be pursued.

We would like to assure that emergency accommodation will be a last resort only, where no other alternative can be identified.

The contact details below include a dedicated email address, and should be used by tenants who may have received a notice of termination or a landlord who has issued a notice of termination to their tenants and who may wish to sell their property to the Council.

Kilkenny County Council Homeless Prevention Team

Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm Tel 056 779 4900

After hours Service for Emergency Accommodation 056 772 2566

Dedicated email address for enquiries

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