Derelict Sites, Vacant Sites and Zoned Land Tax

The Council employs a number of different mechanisms to deal with vacant properties, and to encourage the appropriate activation of sites.  These are as follows: 

Derelict sites register

  • Legislation governing this is the Derelict Sites Act, 1990
  • Can apply to any land that “detracts, or is likely to detract, to a material degree from the amenity, character or appearance of land in the neighbourhood of the land in question”
  • Derelict sites register is available for inspection in the Planning dept. and online here
  • Applies across the county, no site size threshold
  • Contact the Planning department for more info:

Vacant sites register

  • This can be applied to zoned, serviced sites, greater than 0.05 hectares (0.12 of an acre) in size
  • In Kilkenny, this means VSR applies only to Kilkenny city, Callan, Castlecomer, Graiguenamanagh, Thomastown, Ferrybank and Rosbercon (New Ross)
  • Can apply to either residentially zoned land, or other zoned land (e.g. commercial) if the site is causing an adverse effect.
  • Vacant sites register & more info is available here
  • Maps are available of the live vacant sites at that link
  • Legislation governing this is the Urban Regeneration and Housing Act, 2015
  • Contact the Planning department for more info:

Vacant homes

  • Information on the Vacant Property Refurbishment Grant is available at here.
  • Options for owners of vacant properties interested in leasing or selling to Kilkenny County Council, with a view to reactivation as a home:
    • Buy and Renew Scheme, more information here
    • Long Term Leasing Initiative, more information here
  • Contact the Vacant Homes Officer for more information on any of the above at
  • If you believe a house is vacant, it can be registered on a central portal to alert local authorities who can then follow up with the owners to see whether the house can be brought back into use
  • Compulsory purchase orders can be considered if necessary and appropriate

Residential Zoned Land Tax 

A new tax to activate land for residential purposes was introduced by the Department of Finance and the Revenue Commissioners in conjunction with the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage as Section 80 of the Finance Act 2021. The tax measure is aimed at incentivising residential development rather than generating revenue for the State.  This tax will in time replace the Vacant Site Levy.  

In order to implement this new tax measure, local authorities are required to undertake mapping to identify the lands in scope for the tax in their respective functional areas. The administration of the tax measure will be undertaken by the Revenue Commissioners. More information is available here.

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