Revised Planning Application Form August 2018

Kilkenny County Council

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Planning & Development Acts 2000 - 2018


Revised Planning Application Form


In order to avoid any unnecessary delay when making a planning application, please ensure that the up-to-date version of Kilkenny County Council's Planning Application Form is used.

Up-to-date Planning Forms (August 2018)


Appropriate Assessment of Planning Applications


As required by law, ALL planning applications received, including those already in the system, are subjected to screening for Appropriate Assessment.

An appropriate assessment of proposed development is required in cases where it cannot be excluded that the proposed development would have a significant effect on a European site. It is the responsibility of the planning authority to screen proposed developments to determine whether an appropriate assessment is required and where the authority determines that an appropriate assessment is required, the authority will normally require the applicant to submit a Natura Impact Statement (NIS). Where the applicant considers that the proposed development is likely to have a significant effect on a European site it is open to him/her to submit a NIS with the Planning application. Where a Natura Impact Statement is submitted, please ensure that the public notices state same.


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Director of Services

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