Callan Mobility Management Study 2021 – 2026

Callan Mobility Management Study 2021 - 2026
Kilkenny County Council

Callan-Mobility-Management-Study-2021---2026.pdf (size 5.7 MB)


Roadplan Consulting was appointed by Kilkenny County Council to compile a project/initiative lead mobility management study for Callan and its environs considering the following aims which are key and strategic objectives of the Callan Local Area Plan:

"Improving north south connections and pursuing a sustainable transport agenda, focusing on improving facilities for walking and cycling".

"Improving public access to and management of historic and cultural assets, including but not limited to St Mary's Church, Bridge Street, The Motte Meadow, the Friary Complex, and The Callan Workhouse."

"Focusing on Bridge Street, these measures will be combined with a range of traffic management proposals including additional off-street parking which will improve vitality of the town centre and Bridge Street in particular as well as supporting healthy living."

This Study therefore comprises of a review of the transportation network in and around the town and an assessment of the associated travel demands, with the objective of suggesting potential transport management improvements needed to cope with the expansion of the town. The Study suggests actions that could be taken to secure the optimal and sustainable movement of people, goods and vehicles and provides a set of mobility management objectives in respect of the below hierarchy:

  • Exploring the feasibility of supporting improvements for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles mobility;
  • Exploring the feasibility of providing additional footway and cycleway links;
  • Exploring the feasibility of supporting improvements for increased safety and accessibility of all modes of transport particularly public transport;
  • Exploring the feasibility of reducing traffic congestion through traffic management and junction improvements;
  • Exploring the feasibility of supporting improvements to car parking facilities.

The suggestions provided in this Study are intended to inform responses to transport needs in Callan. These suggestions do not define rules that must be compiled with when administrative consent of projects is being granted. They are non-binding and advisory and do not comprise public policy.

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