Municipal District of Castlecomer Meetings 2015


Municipal District of Castlecomer


Elected Members Municipal District of Castlecomer

Cllr Pat Millea was elected Cathaoirleach and Cllr Pat Fitzpatrick was elected Leas Cathaoirleach of the Municipal District of Castlecomer at the Annual Meeting on 5th June 2015.

JAN 2015

Agenda_Castlecomer Municipal District_Jan 2015.docx (size 14.6 KB) |

Minutes_Castlecomer Municipal District_January 2015.docx (size 20.9 KB)

FEB 2015

Agenda_Castlecomer Municipal District_Feb 2015.docx (size 13.6 KB)

Minutes_Castlecomer Municipal District_Feb 2015.docx (size 19.6 KB)

MAR 2015

Agenda-Special Meeting of the Castlecomer Municipal District-Mar 2015.pdf (size 118 KB) |

Agenda_Castlecomer Municipal District_Mar 2015.docx (size 13.7 KB)

Minutes_Castlecomer Municipal District_Mar 2015.docx (size 15.6 KB)

APRIL 2015

Agenda_Castlecomer Municipal District_Apr 2015.docx (size 12.8 KB)

Minutes_Castlecomer Municipal District_Apr 2015.docx (size 17.2 KB)

MAY 2015

Agenda_Castlecomer Municipal District_May 2015.docx (size 14 KB)

Minutes_Castlecomer Municipal District_May 2015.docx (size 16.3 KB)

JUNE 2015

Agenda_Castlecomer Municipal District Annual Meeting 2015.docx (size 13.8 KB)

Minutes_Castlecomer Municipal District Annual Meeting_2015.docx (size 20.7 KB)

JULY 2015

Agenda-Castlecomer Municipal District-July 2015.docx (size 15.4 KB)

Minutes_Castlecomer Municipal District_July 2015.docx (size 19.6 KB)

SEPT 2015

Agenda_Castlecomer Municipal District_Sept 2015.docx (size 15.4 KB)

Minutes-Castlecomer Municipal District-Sept 2015.docx (size 21.3 KB)

OCT 2015

Agenda-Castlecomer Municipal District-Oct 2015.docx (size 15 KB)

Minutes_Castlecomer Municipal District_Oct 2015.docx (size 21.3 KB)

NOV 2015

Agenda-Castlecomer Municipal District Budget Meeting.docx (size 14.2 KB) |

Agenda_Castlecomer Municipal District_Nov 2015.docx (size 15.2 KB)

Minutes_Castlecomer Municipal District_Nov 2015.docx (size 19.3 KB)

DEC 2015

Agenda_Castlecomer Municipal District_Dec 2015.docx (size 14.8 KB)

Minutes_Castlecomer Municipal District_Dec 2015.docx (size 19.5 KB)

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