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Kilkenny County Council is responsible for the Control of Dogs Act 1986, as amended and regulations made thereunder for Kilkenny County Council. We share a Dog Shelter with Carlow County Council which is located at Garryduff, Paulstown, Co. Kilkenny - this is a shared service with Carlow County Council.

Dog Warden Service

The Dog Warden Service is involved in the enforcement of the Control of Dogs legislation including dealing with unwanted, stray and surrendered dogs. The Service is also involved in rehoming dogs, with the investigation of sheep kills, assisting Gardai where necessary, dealing with dogs not under effective control, including restricted breeds, checking of Dog Licences, witnesses in Court proceedings where necessary.

Dog Breeding Establishments Act 2010, as amended

On 1st January, 2012, regulations came into force in Ireland under the Dog Breeding Establishment Act, 2010 (available to view on These regulations apply if you keep six or more female dogs which are more than six months old and are capable of breeding. (Note that the regulations may cover dogs even when they are not used for, or never will be used for breeding purposes).

In accordance with Section 15 of the Act, an establishment which is covered by these regulations is required to register with their local authority and ensure that their premises conform to the guidelines issued as part of the regulations. The Register of Dog Breeding Establishments is available for inspection at the Environment Section, Kilkenny County Council, John Street, Kilkenny, during office hours.

Guidelines on Dog Breeding Establishments 2018

Application Form to Register a Dog Breeding Establishment

Responsible Dog Owner

Responsible Dog Ownership

Having a dog as a pet brings many benefits to the owner - companionship, exercise, protection. You should consider the dog needs as well, however, if considering getting a dog. The dog should suit your family circumstances - Do you have a large garden? Will you have time to walk the dog? Can you afford to feed and care for it? Do you have young children?

If you are considering getting a dog why not give a home to an unwanted dog. The Dog Shelter at Garryduff Paulstown has many unwanted dogs looking for homes. The Dog Shelter staff would be delighted to help you. Click on to view dogs which are currently in need of rehoming.

Dog fouling (see leaflet below) is a problem especially in our city environs. Not only is it an unsightly, foul smelling mess, it can contain parasites, such as worms and pathogens, e.g. salmonella, which contaminate the environment and can cause disease in humans, especially children. If you want to do your part in preventing your children or your neighbour's contracting these diseases you should ensure that you clean up after your dog in public. Always bring a Scoop the Poop or other means of cleaning up, when bringing your dog for a walk.

Why not take 'The Green Dog Walkers Pledge?' If you see someone wearing the Green Dog Walkers armbank, it means they have 'taken the pledge' (i) to always clean up after their dog; (ii) to carry extra doggie bags, and (iii) to gladly give you a bag for your dog - just ask! Further information is available at the Environment Section, Kilkenny County Council, e-mail:

You can contact the Dog Warden Service at or by telephone on 059 9726785.

The following information may prove useful:

Common Diseases passed from Dogs to Humans (including Children)

Sheep Worrying

Control of Dogs Act 1986 (Guard Dogs ) Regulations 1988


Legislation may be viewed on

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Dog Licence application

Dog licences may be purchased online or at your local post office.

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