Vehicle testing, NCTS and CVRT

Vehicle Testing: NCTS and CVRT.

National Car Testing Service - NCTS

Private cars, Taxis, Hackneys and Limousines must have an NCT test carried out 4 years after the date of first registration, every two years thereafter until the vehicle is 10 years old and then annually.

You do not need a current NCT Cert. to tax your vehicle.

More information on the NCTS is available from

You can contact the NCTS for information, appointments etc. by email at or by phone on:

Service Number Bookings (01) 4135992

Customer Enquiries (01) 4135994

VRT Bookings (01) 4135975

Test Integrity (01) 6309319

Taxi Booking (01) 4135960


Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Testing.

Goods Vehicles, Motor Caravans, Jeeps, Trucks, Buses, Ambulances, Trailers etc. are required to undergo and Pass a Roadworthiness Test in order to obtain a Certificate of Roadworthiness (CRW.)

Vehicles must be tested when they are one year old and annually after that.

Motor Caravans must be Tested when they are Four Years Old, then every two years until the vehicle is 10 years old and annually after that.

These vehicles and Motor Caravans must have a current CRW in order to be taxed.

For Information on commercial testing, appointments etc.

Tests are carried out by specifically appointed garages in the county. Following a successful test, a Pass Statement is issued and the Certificate of Roadworthiness and test disc are posted to the owner within 3 days.

The National Vehicle Records are updated within 2 hours of the test, allowing the owner to then tax the vehicle without delay


Authorised Testers in Co. Kilkenny

List of Authorised Test Centres for Heavy Vehicles:

NameAddressPhoneFax NumberEmail
Merriville Ltd. T/A Kilkenny Truck CentreFreshford Road, Kilkenny056-7722830056-7722657 
Freshford Garages Ltd.Mill Street, Freshford, Co.
Urlingford Testing Service (Pierce Kavanagh)Church View, Urlingford, Co.
Rolor CommercialsSlieverue, Co.

List of Authorised Test Centres for Light Vehicles:

NameAddressPhoneFax No.Email
Merriville Ltd. T/A Kilkenny Truck CentreFreshford Road, Kilkenny056-7722830056 7722657 
Freshford Garages Ltd.Mill Street, Freshford, Co. Kilkenny056-8832234056
Urlingford Testing Service (Pierce KavanaghChurch View, Urlingford, Co. Kilkenny056-8831319056
Rolor CommercialsSlieverue, Co. Kilkenny051-833380051

Please Contact the Test Centre beforehand to book your test and to ensure that they test your type of vehicle

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