Residents Parking Permits Frequently Asked Questions

Am I entitled to a permit?
You are entitled to apply for a residents parking permit if you are a resident within Kilkenny County Council's disc parking area and own a vehicle. However, any resident in a purpose built apartment block where off street parking has been constructed as part of the development will not be eligible for a residents permit.

How do I apply for a permit?
An application form & statutory declaration forms are available from the Traffic Department, Kilkenny County Council, Countty Hall, John Street, Kilkenny, and from the Kilkenny County Council website Please submit all fully completed applications to the Traffic Department, Kilkenny County Council, County Hall, John Street, Kilkenny.

What do I need for a residents parking permit?

  • - Completed Application Form
  • - A copy of the Vehicle Licensing Certificate/Log Book for your vehicle - the vehicle must be registered to the address for which the parking permit is being sought - (see notes (a) and (b) below).
  • - 1 copy of Utility Bill e.g. ESB, GAS, TV Provider, Landline Phone, Irish Water or Property Tax
    1 copy of current Financial Statement e.g. Bank / Credit Card / Credit Union
    1 copy of correspondence from Department of Social Welfare / Revenue
    (Documentation must be within the past 4 months showing Applicant's Name and Address)
  • A copy of your insurance certificate - the address on the insurance certificate must be the same as the address for which the permit is being sought.
  • A copy of your driving licence.
  • If you live in rented accommodation you must submit a copy of your Rent Book/Rental Agreement and a copy of your confirmation letter from the Private Residential Tenancies Board (PRTB) acknowledging the registration of the tenancy with the PRTB.
  • Application Fee of €20, (for administration costs associated with the permit).
  • A permit for a second car in the same household is €15 (a maximum of 2 permits per household applies)
  • Renewal of the permit rests solely with the permit holder

Please note :

  1. The vehicle must be registered with the Motor Tax Office to the address in which you are applying for the Residents Parking Permit.
  2. All applications received in this office are checked with the Rates Office to ensure that the premises has a Domestic Rating. If the premises is partially commercial/non-residential, the premises may be inspected to confirm adequate residential accommodation is provided within the premises.
  3. Incomplete Application forms will be returned to applicant.
  4. The renewal of a permit is the responsibility of the permit holder.
  5. All payments for processing of permits by cheque, postal order etc., should be made payable to Kilkenny Borough Council. Please do not send cash in the post. The option of payment by bank card is also available.

If I drive a company vehicle can I get a permit?
Yes. We require a copy of the Vehicle Licensing Certificate and a copy of the Insurance Certificate including a letter from employer on headed paper stating applicant is sole driver and keeps vehicle at application address.

What do I need in the event of a Lost/Stolen permit?

  • You need to complete and sign a Statutory Declaration form which is available in Kilkenny County Council, Traffic Department, City Hall and on Kilkenny County Council website
  • Fee of €10

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