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Applications are invited for Kilkenny County Council’s Creative Ireland Grant Scheme 2024. The main purpose of this scheme is to provide financial support and to encourage cultural participation throughout Kilkenny, whilst supporting the delivery of the Kilkenny-Culture-and-Creativity-Strategy-2023-2027.pdf . We are also welcoming projects which focus to improve climate literacy and/or active engagement on climate action in the community through creativity. The Creative Ireland grant is suited towards local and community groups and individuals, artistic and creative practitioners, event organisers and those involved in creative, cultural and heritage activities and projects. 

This grant scheme is supported by the national Creative Ireland programme. Preference will be given to projects that demonstrate the potential to promote: Health, Wellbeing, Heritage, Biodiversity or Creative climate action.

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The Creative Ireland Programme is a culture – based programme and was created in 2017 following the successful state initiative Ireland 2016 which marked the hundredth anniversary of the Easter Rising. The Kilkenny Creative Ireland grant scheme’s purpose is to provide financial support to local and community groups and individuals, artistic and creative practitioners, event organisers and those involved in creative, cultural and heritage activities and projects, in order to encourage cultural participation and wellbeing throughout Kilkenny. The scheme also supports the delivery of the Kilkenny Culture and Creativity Strategy 2023-2027.

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  • You can run more than one type of course.
  • Price and artists/tutors to run the workshops. Get quotes from them.  If they need materials get them to quote that separately.  They should be able to give you a ball park figure.  You will also have to provide receipts for any materials, transport costs etc. buses eg; that are incurred.
  • If you have rental cost or transport costs consider them.
  • Be very inclusive in your approach by showing in your appendix discussions and agreements made with your service providers.
  • You can include costs for a photographer, P.R. and project management.
  • 1 application per group will be considered.
  • Grants are available from a minimum of €2000 to a maximum of €5000

What items and expenses are ineligible?

  • Publications.
  • Spend on alcoholic beverages, fines, penalty payments, legal cost, audit fees, financial consultancy fees.
  • Any proposal where it is determined that the main beneficiary would be a private entity.
  • In general, the cost of items for resale.
  • Assets or equipment e.g.: vouchers, memoirs for participants, art works, projectors, laptops, tablets etc.
  • Accommodation.
  • Projects that do not relate to the Kilkenny’s Culture and/or the Creative Ireland Programme

To download the application form and grant criteria click below:

Creative Ireland Application Form 2024.docx (size 1 MB)

Creative Ireland Application Guidelines 2024.docx (size 984.2 KB)

Queries and application forms are also available from the Community and Culture Section, Kilkenny County Council. Email  Queries are welcomed.

Closing date for receipt of applications is 4pm Monday, 12th of February 2024.

All projects/programmes must be completed by Friday, 11th of October 2024.

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