Batteries and Accumulators

EU and National legislation on waste batteries and accumulators aims to promote the recycling of waste batteries by setting targets for the collection, treatment, recycling and disposal of waste batteries in an environmentally sound manner. It also aims to improve the environmental performance of all operators involved in the life cycle of batteries and accumulators, e.g. producers, distributors and end-users and, in particular, those operators directly involved in the treatment and recycling of waste batteries and accumulators. Producers of batteries and accumulators and producers of other products incorporating a battery or accumulator are given responsibility for the waste management of batteries and accumulators that they place on the market.


The Irish Producer Compliance Schemes have distributed battery recycling boxes to shops around the country and batteries are accepted at local recycling centres free of charge.  All producers must apply for membership to a compliance scheme and register with the Producer Register.  This can be done through the attached links below.

WEEE Ireland

Producer Register


Retailers of batteries have certain obligations including:
• Registering their premises with Kilkenny County Council or with WEEE Ireland.
• Informing customers of free take back of waste batteries for recycling.
• Providing free take-back of waste batteries similar to type sold.

Under the regulations all retailers must register as a retailer with their Local Authority (€200) or with the Compliance Scheme (free of charge).  Each individual retail premises must be registered. Note, retailer registration is a separate requirement to producer registration.  Registration can be done through the attached links below.

WEEE Ireland

Producer Register

Kilkenny County Council Registration Application Form (PDF)


S.I. No. 283/2014 - European Union (Batteries and Accumulators) Regulations 2014 are available to view here.

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