Household Waste Management

County Kilkenny Waste Management Bye-Laws

Effective since January 2019, the Waste Management Bye-laws place obligations on waste producers in households and commercial premises regarding the storage, presentation, segregation of waste, contamination prevention and demonstration of proof that their waste is disposed of appropriately.

  • Brochure for Bye Laws
  • Irish Version

The Council’s Waste Enforcement Team is continually checking to determine if households are compliant with the waste bye laws. Due to Covid, checks are being carried out via postal notification with householders being requested to complete an online survey. Failure to comply with this information request can lead to a fine.

Complete the household waste survey here

What are the waste streams I am required to segregate my household waste into?

At a minimum you are required to segregate your household waste into the following waste streams:

    • (a) Glass bottles & jars – Bottle Banks
    • (b) Recyclables- Recycling Bin: View the list at  
    • (d) Residual Waste/Dirty Rubbish - Landfill Bin.
    • If you live in an area with a population greater than 500, you are obliged to segregate your food and garden waste by presenting it for kerbside collection, in a home composting system or presenting it at a permitted recycling centre. Note; keep receipts if using a recycling centre is dispose of household waste, as these may be requested if your household is contacted by the waste enforcement team under the Waste Management Bye-Laws compliance checks.

Waste collectors are required to provide information to their customers on what goes into which bin. Mywaste is an excellent online resource if you have questions about how to dispose/recycle certain items.

Where can I get bins to have my waste collected?

The permitted waste collectors listed below actively offer a kerbside household waste collection service in County Kilkenny. Please contact the waste collectors directly for further information on their areas of service and service provided.

  • Doheny’s Wheelie Bins, Callan Rd, Castleinch, Co. Kilkenny Tel:(056) 772 9838
  • Country Clean Recycling; Ballygown, Mallow, Co. Cork Tel:022-46848
  • Greenstar Customer Service Centre, Millennium Park, Ballycoolin Rd, Dublin 11 Tel: 01 829 8992

I don't have space for bins how can I get bags for my household waste?

Household bag waste collection is only available in exceptional circumstances as set out in the criteria from the Department of Environment. You must be approved by Kilkenny County Council for a wheelie bin exemption. Full details and an application form can be requested from the Environment Section on 056-7794470.

In Kilkenny City, a number of lanes off Parliament Street and High Street with high density of apartments have a bag system operated currently by City Hall. Pre-paid bags for refuse and recycling can be purchased at the Spar in Irishtown. Collection days are currently every Wednesday. This service is currently under review and changes may occur later in the year.

Where can I get bags for my household waste?

If you are a resident on a lane off Parliament Street and High Street in Kilkenny City pre-paid bags for refuse and recycling can be purchased at the Spar in Irishtown.

Can I use my own home composter?

Householders are allowed compost their own food and garden waste in a home composter. Information on home composting can be viewed at  The variety of food waste collected at the kerbside by a waste contractor is greater, as this waste is treated in an industrial setting. 

Where can I recycle the following waste streams?

(a) Glass and jars - Bottle banks located throughout the county. Locations of bottle banks can be viewed here

(b) Old clothes - Clothes fit for reuse can be offered to charity shops or placed in clothes banks. Clothes not fit for reuse may also be deposited at clothes banks located throughout the County.

Where can I bring waste that does not fit in my bins?

Large recyclable plastic/metal/timber items, used cooking and engine oil, waste electrical items and batteries are just some of the items that are accepted at the Dunmore Waste and Recycling Centre, Castlecomer Rd. Information regarding Dunmore Waste Disposal and Recycling Centre can be viewed here.

Other Recycling Centres operated privately in Kilkenny include;

Greenstar Civic Recycling Centre, Hebron Industrial Estate, Hebron Rd, Leggetsrath West, Kilkenny. Phone: (056) 777 1800

Doheny Wheelie Bins & Recycling Ltd, Callan Rd, Castleinch, Co. Kilkenny. Phone: (056) 772 9838

Granny Recycling, Grannagh, Co. Kilkenny X91 FF29. Phone: (051) 833284

Please contact the private operators directly for further information on their services.

How do I dispose of electrical items and batteries?

Information on the disposal of household electrical items and batteries is available from WEEE Ireland.

Can I burn my waste?

No. It is illegal to burn waste. Uncontrolled burning of waste can cause air pollution which may lead to serious health and safety issues including serious respiratory illness like Asthma. Burning of waste like garden waste and rubbish is an offence under the Waste Management Act 1996 and/or the Air Pollution Act 1987. Offenders are liable to prosecution by Kilkenny County Council under waste management and air pollution legislation with fines of up to €3,000.

Can I be penalised if I do not dispose of my waste correctly?

Yes. You are responsible for the correct disposal of your waste; the dumping of waste is illegal. Kilkenny County Council may issue litter fines for minor breaches of the Little Pollution Act 1997, as amended. More serious waste management breaches are dealt with under the Waste Management Act 1996, as amended. This includes giving your waste to a non-permitted waste collector. The dumping of waste is an offence under the Waste Management Act 1996. Offenders are liable to prosecution by Kilkenny County Council with fines of up to €3,000.

How do I know if a person offering a waste collection service is permitted to collect waste?

You can search the list of all valid waste collection permit holders holders here.  All permitted waste collectors are required to mark their vehicles with their waste collection permit details and carry a copy of their waste collection permit with their vehicle.

Where can I get more information on waste reduction and recycling?

Further information is available at:

What should I do if I see dumping or burning of waste?

You should contact Kilkenny County Council on 1800 200 156 to report the matter. Alternatively, you may contact the EPA National Complaints Line on 1850 365 121.

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