Fire Safety Advice for Workplaces Re-opening and Returning to Work

Fire Safety Advice for Business Owners / Tenants of Workplaces to consider as they re-open and return-to-work

fire doors 1door wedge unsafe practice

Fire Doors - The unforeseen risks and potential impacts of wedging open fire doors and/or disabling the fire door closers, increases the risk of fire spread and toxic fire gases and could impact on the means of escape from your premises

Noting - High frequency contact points and the risk of spreading COVID-19 is a clear and present risk in today's workplace with the new normal that must be considered.
There are solutions and measures business owners / managers / employees can take -

  • Dis-infecting cleaning,
  • Adapted door opening,
  • Automated door opening,
  • Engineered solutions - HOD - hold-open devices,
  • Night-time routine - close all doors as your leave your workplace for the evening - thus if there is an accidental fire event - it should be contained to the room of origin with fire and smoke damage limited.

Montage of fire safety and Covid-19 safety practices

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