Fire Evacuation Drills

Drills should be carried out at regular intervals to test the effectiveness of the predetermined arrangements. The aims of an fire evacuation drill are:

  1. to ensure safe, orderly and efficient evacuation of all occupants of the building
  2. to use all exit facilities available in order that occupants are familiar with them.
  3. to test all aspects of the emergency procedures.
  4. to achieve an attitude of mind that reacts rationally when confronted with a fire or other emergency situation.

The frequency of drills will depend on the building use. Initially drills should be held at frequent intervals e.g. every two months until everyone is familiar with the procedures. Thereafter drills should be held at least twice yearly.

The drill should be initiated by activating the fire alarm and all stages of the drill should be observed and a review of the drill should be held. Any deficiencies can then be noted and remedied. [Where the fire alarm system is connected to a remote monitoring centre this centre should be notified of the proposed drill].


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