Avoid a Chimney Fire

Chimney fires occur when deposits of soot which have accumulated in a chimney are set alight by flames or sparks from an open fire. Most solid fuels produce some soot which will build up without regular cleaning.

We recommend that chimneys are cleaned at least twice a year, once at the beginning of the cold weather period and again in the new year. Do not rely on chemical cleaners, there is no substitute for a sweep's brush.

A chimney fire can cause damage to the flue and cracks through which sparks can travel and cause a fire elsewhere in the house.

If you have a chimney fire

  • Place a spark guard in front of the fire to stop hot soot from falling out.
  • Gently pour water over the fire to extinguish it and keep a supply of water nearby.
  • Call the fire brigade.
  • After a chimney fire have the chimney checked by a builder and carry out any necessary repairs

Other tips for open fires:

  • Always use a spark guard when a fire is left unattended.
  • Use a properly secured fire guard when children are in the room.
  • Do not place a mirror over a fireplace.
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