Internal Audit Unit

Internal Audit Unit

The Internal Audit Unit function is to provide a critical and independent opinion on the adequacy and effectiveness of the control framework across the Local Authority. As part of the overall governance and control environment in Kilkenny County Council, it provides Audit assurance that all significant operating risks are identified, managed and controlled effectively. The Internal Audit Unit is independent in the performance of its duties and in its reporting arrangements. It is a function of the Corporate Services Directorate.

It is the policy of Kilkenny County Council to maintain and support a quality Internal Audit Unit in accordance with the Internal Audit Charter.

Download the Internal-Audit-Charter-2022.pdf (size 104.4 KB)

Internal Auditor

The role of the Internal Auditor is to support the Local Authority in delivering its objectives through minimising associated identified risks. The Internal Auditor provides an independent appraisal function for the review of the internal controls as a contribution to the proper economic, effective and efficient use of resources.  This includes a risk assessment process for the ongoing identification of internal and external threats to the Local Authority, operating a controlled response system to manage these threats and ensuring that value for money is achieved.

The main objectives of the Internal Audit Unit are to discharge its responsibilities by critically and objectively examining the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes and to provide guidance and assurance accordingly with a risk adverse appetite. 

Schedule of Audit Reports

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