The Local Government Audit Service

The Council ensures that its core values are embedded in its activities and are secured through the following governance measure

The Local Government Audit Service

The Councils actions are subject to an Annual Audit by the Local Government Auditor. Local Government Auditors are assigned by the Local Government Audit Service and are independent in the exercise of their professional functions. The Council is obliged to assist & cooperate with the Annual Audit and consider any recommendations made by the Local Government Auditor. The Local Government Auditor actions is governed by a code of audit practice which provides that the Auditor take into account the Councils financial standing, the adequacy of the Councils financial systems, the Councils measure to protect against and detect fraud and corruption, the adequacy of arrangements to secure economy & efficiency in operations. The LG Auditor has a legal right to inspect documents and be provided with information. When the Audit is completed the Local Government Auditor issues a report to the Chief Executive which must be considered by the Council.

Statutory Audit Report 2016.pdf (size 341.9 KB)

Statutory Audit Report 2015.pdf (size 201.1 KB)

Statutory Audit Report 2014.pdf (size 331.4 KB)


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