First Aid Refresher Course, April 2008

First Aid Training in Kilkenny Fire Station

Course Aim

The course refreshes the necessary skills for our firefighters to administer emergency care at the scene of accidental injury or medical illness either in their work or personal life, prior to the arrival of the ambulance service.
Course Objective

The course consisted of lectures & practicals. On completion our firefighters will be able to:
- Maintain scene safety
- Determine nature of emergency
- Conduct primary and secondary survey
- Control airway, breathing and circulation
- Administer oxygen
- Control external bleeding
- Treat Shock
- Splint fractures
- Maintain spinal immobilization
- Treat head, neck and facial injuries
- Recognise and treat various medical and Traumatic emergencies

First Aid Course KilkennyAttending to a person on the First Aid Course Kilkenny
Fire Crews work on a patient on the First Aid Course KilkennyPlacing the patient on a stretcher on the First Aid Training Course

Kilkenny Fire and Rescue Service would like to express theirs thanks to all those who participated in the course for the efforts and positive attitude. The course director was SACFO John Collins, course instructors were Mr Mick Tobin, Mr Maurice Wadding of Active Fire Aid Training.


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