Role of the Chief Executive

Role & Functions of the Chief Executive

Role of Chief Executive

There is a legal obligation for every Local Authority to have in place a Chief Executive. The appointment of a Chief Executive is a reserved function of the Council following the consideration of a recommendation of the Public Appointment Service. The Chief Executive tenure of office can be for a period of up to 10 years.

The Chief Executive is responsible for the efficient & effective operation of the Council and for ensuring that Council decisions are implemented without delay and for that purpose the chief executive is obliged to exercise & perform the executive functions of the Council, including all functions in relation to its employees and in general manage and control the administration & business of the Council.

Any function which is not a reserved function is an executive function of the Council.

The Chief Executive supports the elected Council and is required to implement the policies of the Council, have regard to the views of members, assist & advise members and report on actions taken.

Executive functions include functions relating to employees, the granting or refusal of planning permissions, the allocation of local authority houses, signing of contracts and generally any function involved in the day to day administration and business of the Council.


The Council provides a broad range of functions under many headings such as Housing, Roads & Transportation, Water Services, Economic Development & Enterprise Support, Tourism, Planning, Sustainable Development and Conservation, Environment Protection Energy, Kilkenny Fire, Rescue & Emergency Planning, Library Services, Community & Culture, Amenity Sport & Recreation, Older People & Kilkenny Age Friendly, Children & Young People, The Arts, Heritage, Financial Management, Motor Taxation, Community Development & Franchise.

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