Kilkenny Local Transport Plan

Kilkenny County Council (KCC) is developing a Local Transport Plan (KLTP) for the City of Kilkenny and its environs which will guide future transport investment. The KLTP is a short to medium-term plan that sets out the city’s transport strategy for the period to 2027, but also looks beyond 2040.

The strategic aim of the KLTP is to provide for the planning and delivery of transport infrastructure and services in Kilkenny City and its environs over the period of the City and County Development Plan (CDP) (2021 to 2027) and beyond, which will: "co-ordinate transport and land use planning, reduce the demand for travel and the reliance on the private car in favour of public transport, walking and cycling”.

The KLTP will be required to examine all transport modes and how they interact both in the City centre and throughout its environs, specifically including linkages with public transport modes such as rail and bus services.

SEA and AA Screening Reports were prepared and circulated to the statutory Environmental Authorities to obtain their feedback on whether an SEA was required. As a result, KCC has concluded that a full and comprehensive SEA and AA of the proposed KLTP is required in order to comply with SEA Directive 2001/42/EC.

Download copy of Determinations here.

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