Current Development Contribution Schemes

Development Contribution Scheme

The Planning and Development Acts 2000-2015 (hereafter referred to "as the Act") provides for the drawing up by a planning authority of a Development Contributions Scheme for its area of jurisdiction or for parts thereof. Such a scheme permits planning authorities, on granting planning permission under Section 34 of the Act, to include conditions requiring the payment of a contribution in respect of public infrastructure and facilities benefiting development in the area of the Planning Authority, and that is provided, or intended to be provided by, or on behalf of, the Local Authority, regardless of other sources of funding for the infrastructure and facilities.

Update April 2023: Temporary Time-Limited Waiver in respect of Development Contributions 

On 25 April 2023, the Government approved additional measures under the Housing for All Action Plan to incentivise the activation of increased housing supply and help reduce housing construction costs. These included the introduction of temporary time-limited arrangements for the waiving of local authority “section 48” development contributions and the refunding of Uisce Eireann water and wastewater connection charges. Further information  regarding the terms of  this temporary waiver can be found  here

Details of contributions under the current  Development Contribution Scheme ( which is the 2016-2017 scheme)  are available at the following link:

Download Current-Development-Contribution-Scheme.pdf (size 336.4 KB)

A hard copy of the Development Contribution Scheme 2016-2017 is also available from the: The Planning Office, Kilkenny County Council, County Hall, John Street, Kilkenny. Tel: 056 7794010 or email:


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