Planning Applications

You may need to apply for planning permission before you start any development work . This includes:

  • Constructing a new building or other structure e.g. house, factory, monument, playground, etc
  • Changing an existing building or property  e.g. an extension
  • Changing the way in which a property is used e.g. using part of a domestic residence into a car repair garage.

To obtain planning permission, the applicant must make a planning application.

There are four different types of permission. An application may be made for:

  • Permission
  • Outline Permission
  • Permission consequent to the grant of outline permission.
  • Retention

In order to make a valid planning application you must submit the following:

  • A completed Planning Application Form - link to  Planning Application Forms OR you can make an  online planning application. You must  first Register on the ePlanning Portal
  • Site Notice
  • Newspaper Notice  (if using the Kilkenny People please see the * important notice below) List of approved Newspapers.pdf (size 50 KB)
  • Site Location Map (6 copies  of maps  to be submitted for paper applications , one copy for on-line applications)
  • Plans/ Drawings - except for Outline permission (6 copies of drawings to be submitted  for paper applications, one copy for on-line applications) 
  • Correct planning fee Fees for planning applications

      Please note: The Application Form and Notices are subject to change throughout the year to reflect amendments to Planning Legislation, etc. Applications may be invalidated where incorrect forms and notices are used.

      Information regarding Public Notices:

      All Public Notices (Site Notice and Newspaper Notice) must be submitted within at two week period of the date of publication.

      EXAMPLE: If a Public Notice is dated Wednesday 11th June, 2014 then the  last day for receipt of the Planning Application by the Planning Authority (Kilkenny County Council) will be Tuesday, 24th June, 2014.

      *Important Notice: where notice is placed in the Kilkenny People Newspaper:

      Although the Kilkenny People newspaper in any week is dated the Friday, the circulation day of the newspaper is Wednesday. So in relation to receipt of planning applications by the Planning Department, Kilkenny County Council where notice is placed in the Kilkenny People, please note that the reckonable date is the Wednesday

      EXAMPLE: If the date on the Kilkenny People is Friday 12th August, 2016 the last day for receipt of a planning application is Tuesday 23rd August, 2016.

      Adherence to the above may avoid invalidation of your planning application.

      Planning Map Packs:

      From July 2010 anyone submitting a planning application can search, request, pay and down load for printing a selection of mapping products which are usually required to submit a planning application. This new service can be found on Ordnance Survey Ireland's corporate website

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